Julia Orayen shows her big fake titties, big deal


I swear, with the way people are reacting to this whole Julia Orayen presidential debate thing, you’d think people never seen a pair of big fake titties before. Has the world forgotten Baywatch? Yeah, Baywatch. The show that introduced the world to Pamela Anderson and the most famous big fake titties of them all.

I know Ms Orayen is hot and all, not to mention the fact that she’s been in Playboy, but lets put this in perspective here. It’s not like we actually got to see her titties like we kinda did with Janet Jackson during that Superbowl halftime fiasco a few years back, nor is this even on the same level as say an unauthorized sex tape or nudey pictures by some pissed off ex-bf. And it’s really not like she fucked any of the presidential candidates secret service agents (like that naughty naughty Dania Suarez did you naughty naughty girl), if they even have secret service agents down in Mexico. No this is nothing like any of that

I don’t get what the big deal about all this is and the amount of media exposure is really annoying (ok not that annoying since I do love looking at big breasts, fake or not).

How bout we all act like we’ve all seen Baywatch, which we all have and that we’ve also all seen more then our fair share of fake titties (on this site especially) and put this story to rest and go back to jerking off to naturally large breasted Latin women.

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Julia Orayen shows her big fake titties, big deal, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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