A letter to Rosario Dawson


Rosario Dawson appearing at the premier of "Unstoppable". I ask you, where's the boobs???????

From the Editor of LatinasBusty to Rosario Dawson:


What the hell are you doing? Why must you continue to punish your fans like this. We love you. We love your body. We love your big Puerto Rican boobs. Some of us have masturbated to you countless times. You’re an extremely beautiful woman. You have an all time great rack. Most women would kill for your breasts. So I ask you, what in the hell are you doing covering them up each and every time you go out in public?????

Please, were asking you, for the love of everything holy, let the girls breath ever now and then. Is it so much to ask that we get to see them in a bikini or tank top every now and then. We won’t think any less of you. In fact you might get more fans.

So please, for us,  your endearing fans, please let them out more. And do more nude scenes.

Thank you

The Editor of LatinasBusty.com

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