Milena meets and fucks her neighbor for the first time


Milena had just moved into the apartment last week and hadn’t really gotten to know anyone yet but was hoping to make some new friends and get on with her life after being single for the last 8 months.

Her last relationship hadn’t worked out so well, her ex had cheated on her with her co-worker. Milena couldn’t believe it. She got home early one night, heard loud moans coming from the bedroom, went to investigage and walked in on the two of them fucking like little monkeys.

Needless to say, this Puerto Rican firecracker was pissed so she kicked him out and threatened to smack the shit our of her co-worker should she ever see her again. Let’s just say she never saw her again.

Sometime after she dumped his ass and decided it was time for her to move on to bigger and better things, literally. She found a great little apartment in a decent part of town and she had finally just moved in. It took her a while but eventually got all her stuff unpacked and was settling in.

It was such a nice day outside that she decided to go out and lay by the pool. Maybe she’d run into that hot guy she seen days earlier when she was first moving in. It had been a while since she had gotten any and she was feeling more than a little juicy down there. Who knows, maybe she run into him at the pool, they’d start talking maybe go out for drinks, she thought to herself.

The day was hot and the pool was cool. Milena decided to pull out all the stop. She had gotten these super tight jeans shorts that she had only worn once, back when she was still with her ex which by the way led to quite possibly the hottest 4 hours of their lives. She knew the effect the shorts had on men, and she wasn’t playing around. She threw on a white tank top that was about 2 sizes too small, grabbed a beach towel and headed down to the pool.

When she got there, much to her dismay there was not a man or hot guy in sight. “Oh well”, she tought, “at least I can work on my tan”. Of course, being Puerto Rican, she knew her tan was already a golden perfection.

She was there no more then 5 minutes when who should walk by, that hot dude whom she had seen earlier in the week. She could feel her pussy start to tingle just a little bit. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and she was getting just a little turned on by his ripped abs, not to mention the bulge in his pants, which could see through his board shorts.

“OMG” she thought. She was a little nervous. She hadn’t gotten any in 8 months and while she knew she was horny as hell, she was a little out of practice. Lucky for her she didn’t have to make the first move.

“Hi” the object of her wet fantasies said cheerfully as he sat beside her in a beach chair.
“You’re new here aren’t you? My name’s Joe.

“I’m Milena.” she said as she reached out her hand to shake his. He had a strong firm grip. She was starting to cream just a litle. “Um yeah I just moved in last week” she said nervously trying not to sound too desparate. But she knew she was. She wanted to jump on his meat so bad she could feel her pussy throbbing.

They talked for a bit about asking each other about their jobs and the local hangouts, you know, the same mindless small talk you make when you first meet someone.

“Well nice talking to you Milena, maybe we can hang out sometime” he said as he began to get up.

“Yeah that sounds great” Milena responded sounding a little disappointed. To be honest, she wasn’t the type of girl who fuck a guy that she just met, no matter how hot he was, but she was horny and still very much needed to get over her ex. She knew she needed to fuck. And she needed to fuck this guy right here right now no matter who might walk in and catch them.

“Um could you do me a favor?”

“Sure anything” Joe enthusiastically offered.

“Would you mind massaging my shoulders? I think I pulled something unpacking. It’s a little sore” she was lying.

“Sure” he said as he told her to stand up and face him. They were standing face to face, each of them dripping with beads of sweat. It was hot outside, and they both knew what was about to happen.

He started massages her shoulders, he had a strong grip, but he was gently. It felt so good. She had a melting sensation gyrating throughout her body. She hadn’t been touched like that for months and it felt soo good.

The massage didn’t last long, he slid his hands slowly up her moist warm neck, cupped her face and kissed her. They slid their tongues in and out of each others mouths. She slid her hands down his back and started massaging his ass over his shorts.

It wasn’t long before she finally said fuck it and reach into his shorts grabbing, squeezing and digging her nails into his rock hard ass.

He had his hands placed firmly on her hips, he could feel his dick getting harder and longer, she could too. Her being shorter then him, she felt his hard cock grinding up against her belly. She loved it. She hadn’t felt like this in months and she wanted more. Lots more!

She grabbed his hands and motioned them over her breasts. Her nipples were hard. Joe loved big tits. Especially big Latin titties just like Milena’s D cups. He squeezed them, lowered his head down and sucked them, soft and gentle at first, but then he lost it and sucked harder, with every suck she could feel her pussy throb harder, get wetter, she wanted to taste him.

She got on her knees, slid his shorts down and came face to face with a big dick. Big, wet, throbbing dick…..she couldn’t hold back any more.

She sucked it like she never sucked a dick before. She sucked and licked every inch of it. She deep throated as much as she could handle without gagging and she still wanted more.

“OH FUCK IT” she thought, she grabbed him by the ass pulling that huge dick all the way down her throat, saliva and pre-cum dripping out of her mouth uncontrollably down her breasts down her legs….she started to gag, she didn’t care.

Her mouth and throat was filled with every inch of his meat and she loved it. Her eyes watering she took all of him. It felt so wet to him, he couldn’t help fuck her mouth feeling his dick slide down her tongue, a big wet mess.

It felt great.

It wasn’t long before she couldn’t take it anymore, she needed to get fucked and she needed it now. She hadn’t been fucked in 8 months, all that was about to change.

She stood up turned around and bent over slightly.

She grabbed his dick from between her legs and shoved it in her wet quivering pussy.

“Ohhhhh” she let out a long moan….as his big wet throbbing dick slid in and out of her, slowly. He spead her butt cheeks apart then pushed them tightly together, making her cheeks grip his dick as he fucked the shit out of her by the pool on a bright and sunny day.

They didn’t care who might be watching her jerking off to them. They just wanted to feel each others burning loins.

After a while she sat Joe on the lounge chair and started to ride him reverse cowgirl.

She grinded his big dick like she couldn’t get enough and she couldn’t.

“It’s too bad he doesn’t have a friend to suck right now” she thought to herself, surprised that she would have such a filthy thought. She never fucked two guys at the same time, but hey, she had never been this horny before.

She ground his dick hard before she decided her big titties needed some attention.

She turned around facing him and rode his dick even harder, telling him to suck her big titties. She loved it. The harder she sucked the harder she rode him.

He grabbed her big ass pushing it into his hard dick, milking it for every single drop of cum, making her cum over and over again.

They rode like that for a long while before he got her up bent her over doggy style and fucked her for just a little bit more.

She came so many times she couldn’t even keep track, but now it was his turn. He could feel his dick ready to explode.

They weren’t using condoms so he knew he had to pull out. He fucked her doggy style until he knew he was about to blow his load.

On his last pump he pulled out and shot a huge load of hot sticky cum all over her face and tits. She was a white sticky mess.

“Thank god I brought a beach towel” she thought to herself as her cum drenched tits glistened in the sun.

Watch this adventure at home in full high def clarity.

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Milena meets and fucks her neighbor for the first time, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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