The real story behind the Lucita Sandoval sex tape scandal



The Lucita Sandoval sex tape scandal is a hoax. For those of you unaware of the scandal surrounding the fictitious Lucita Sandoval sex tape scandal that hit the internet a couple of weeks ago, I’ll fill you in on the back story.

Seems as though there was a sex tape out there that supposedly starred a smoking hot Argentinian teacher giving some extra credit to one of her students. According to the story, the student filmed the sex romp without the womans consent and then uploaded the video online for all the world to see. That’s when the shit supposedly hit the fan with the teacher getting in a hell of a lot of trouble with authorities.


Smile bitch. You’re about to get a fat load on that face!

Well my friends, turns out that was all a bunch of bull shit. You see, there is no teacher named Lucita Sandoval nor has there ever been a Lucita Sandoval getting down and dirty with one of her student (although if I had a teacher as hot as the girl in the video, I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours of detention with her).

Yes the sex tape is real (WATCH IT HERE), but the story that goes along with it is a hoax. A friend of the actual girl who stars in the video (check out her pics below) came forward and provided the real identity of the woman. While the woman does indeed hold a teaching degree, she is not employed by the school whom Lucita was claimed to have worked in. The “student” was also tracked down and turns out he’s just another horny college fuck who likes to upload videos of himself banging hot big tittied Argentinian women. And yes she is hot.

So while Lucita Sandoval may be the figment of some dudes imagination, the woman and the sex tape are real. And judging by all the fictitious Facebook pages popping up for “Lucita Sandoval”, we just may have a new adult porn star in the making. Here’s to seeing more of Lucita in the future.

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